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Vinyl Fence – A Fence Choice That Doesn’t Rot

If you want to enclose your yard, a vinyl fence is a great option. This material is relatively inexpensive and will keep prying eyes out. A vinyl fence will also reduce noise from nearby roads. Installing a vinyl fence can range in price from $3,000 to $18,000, depending on your specific needs and requirements. While the price of a vinyl fence may be prohibitive for some people, it is not unaffordable and could even be free!

You can paint your vinyl fence if you are handy. However, if you hire a fence professional to paint it, the paint is likely to be epoxy-based. While epoxy-based paints adhere well to smooth surfaces, they will not stick to porous wood. This means that the paint will wear off and the non-painted fence will lose its crisp appearance. Plus, if you decide to paint your fence, you may void the warranty.

A vinyl fence is also easy to clean. You can clean the material with a simple garden hose and soap. Bleach mixed with water will remove mildew. A vinyl fence will not be affected by insects. Unlike wood, PVC is impervious to insects. It is also resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A vinyl fence will last for a long time. It doesn’t have to be painted every few years to keep it looking beautiful.

Another benefit of a vinyl fence is that it doesn’t need frequent painting or staining. A vinyl fence also won’t crack or warp like wood or metal. Because it is nonporous, it’s easy to clean. You can even have your fence customized to resemble a wood or iron fence. In the end, a vinyl fence is an excellent option for many reasons. If you’re looking for an attractive and inexpensive fence, consider installing a vinyl fence. It’s easy to maintain and won’t break the bank.

If you’re installing a vinyl fence, remember that wood inserts in the posts are not water-resistant. Besides preventing water saturation, vinyl posts are also not made to withstand the weight of a fence. If you have a wood insert, you may want to enclose it with waterproofing wood inserts. Water-resistant concrete can help minimize water saturation on wooden posts. If you choose a vinyl fence, remember to check the specifications carefully before purchasing and installing it.

Another benefit of a vinyl fence is that it doesn’t hold smells or moisture. This is great news for horse owners who don’t want to re-inhabit their home after the fence is put up. A vinyl fence also has a high flash point, making it ideal for electrifying your property. You don’t need special insulators when wiring your fence with hot wires. In addition, vinyl fences don’t require special installation skills.

Installing a vinyl fence can be costly. However, it is well worth the investment as it requires minimal maintenance and will last for a long time compared to a wooden fence. You can even ask your installer for an estimate of the cost difference between a 6-foot privacy fence and an eight or ten-foot privacy fence. If you want to save on installation costs, a smaller fence with smaller panels may be less expensive than an eight or ten-foot privacy fence.