Signage Trends for All Businesses

There are various types of business signs for sale in the market today. When you’re shopping for your storefront sign, be sure to compare prices and styles of each so that you get the best deal. The best way to save money on your sign is to shop around. Here are some tips on how to shop smart when buying business signs for sale:

Types of outdoor business signs available include: blade signs: A blade sign can help draw the attention of the passerby to your business quickly. They have a sharp edge with a text or graphic display typically found on the top or sides. The graphics could include; logo, slogan, phone number, and business name. A blade sign usually projects out from the side of an establishment, mounted on a flexible frame or by a simple clamping system. Some also project in various directions to produce different effects.

Avoid common mistakes When choosing your blade signs for sale, be sure to check the local regulations to make sure that you use the correct equipment. Blades must be 3″ in diameter and mounted using a conventional block mount or screw hook installation method. These are some of the most common mistakes people make when purchasing business signs.

Be sure to match your advertisements When considering different types of business signs for sale, it’s important to match them with your target market. Some may target professional contractors while others target office buildings. Retail stores may target other businesses that are in the same area as your business, while doctors may target hospitals in the immediate area. Your business signs should communicate to potential customers who your location is targeting.

Consider vehicle graphics When you’re looking to buy signs for sale, consider vehicle graphics like vehicle wraps, nameplates, and license plates to help your sales appeal. In the past, vehicle graphics were added to outdoor sign adhesives for a temporary effect. However, advancements in technology have made vehicle graphics available in vinyl and aluminum which can withstand the harshest elements and can be applied to outdoor sign adhesives permanently. Just make sure that your graphic is UV resistant and you’ll have a long-lasting adornment.

Environmentally friendly A growing trend with local businesses is replacing outdated indoor and outdoor signage with environmentally friendly billboards. These environmentally friendly billboards are great for businesses that want to be proactive in reducing their carbon footprint. Businesses that choose this type of signage will have their ads on display for the entire year, whereas indoor and outdoor sign ads may only last for a few months. There are many environmental graphics options available including palm tree graphics, flower, flowery, and environmentally themed vinyl banners. When considering interior sign placement, it’s important to take into consideration the environment where your storefront will be located. For example, if you want to reduce fuel emissions at your business, opt for weatherproof signs and keep your advertising messages short and simple. For more details on business signs visit