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How Can Homeowners Get Durable Flooring At Much Lower Prices

While vinyl records were once the standard for home music, vinyl flooring has taken a turn towards alternative music. Now experiencing record highs on sales, vinyl flooring has grown increasingly popular among homeowners. But is vinyl flooring suitable for you?

Vinyl floors are ideal in the outdoors because they are virtually impervious to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can actually fade the colors of vinyl floors over time and cause them to appear dull and lifeless. This fading can be minimized if your vinyl floors are properly installed and maintained. When walking through the garage or decking area, make sure not to step directly onto vinyl floors or you may be leaving footprints that will be impossible to remove.

Another concern when using vinyl flooring in the outdoors is related to moisture. Direct sunlight or even rain water can warp your vinyl flooring and will leave unwanted scratch marks on the subfloor. If direct sunlight or moisture is a concern in your area, you should consider laying a polyethylene sheet directly on the ground. This will protect the floor from sun damage, but it will also prevent the vinyl flooring from being damaged by rain or snow.

If direct sunlight or moisture is a concern in your outdoor living area, then another option is a rigid core flooring option. Rigid core vinyl flooring provides the strength of tile without the size. This flooring option is ideal for decks or patios. When deciding between rigid core flooring and vinyl flooring in your outdoor area, keep in mind that both are excellent choices.

Finally, vinyl floors are a cost-effective option because they are more durable than tile and less costly than hardwood flooring. If direct foot traffic is a consideration in your home, vinyl floors are the best choice. Vinyl floors are less costly, lasts longer, and requires less care than other options.

Vinyl flooring offers many design options. You can choose the type of tile, color, and pattern you want. Plus, you can get vinyl flooring that resembles stone or other types of hardwood. You can use a variety of different accessories to further enhance your vinyl flooring design options. With so many design options, vinyl flooring has many advantages over traditional floor designs.

Another advantage of vinyl flooring is durability. Because it is made of vinyl, it is easy to take care of. Unlike other flooring materials, vinyl stays looking fresh even after heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, the thickness of the vinyl is a huge plus. It’s durable enough to be used in high foot traffic areas such as living rooms and family rooms where damage may occur due to repeated heavy foot traffic.

In addition to durability, vinyl floors are easy to clean with a dust mop or just by mopping up any loose dirt. No need to scrub off dirt, or clean up messes-with vinyl flooring, homeowners get all of these benefits in one easy to care for sheet floor. With all these benefits, homeowners have no reason not to install vinyl floors in their homes. Now that you know these great benefits of installing this type of sheet flooring, start researching the wide variety of styles and colors available at Dunn-Rite Hardwood Floors.