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Do it Yourself Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing – Is It a Good Idea?

Many homeowners are thinking of kitchen cabinet refinishing to give their kitchens a fresh and modern look. Refinishing kitchen cabinets is a time consuming, but very cost effective way of improving the appearance of your kitchen. You can choose to have a cabinet refinished by a skilled craftsman who will use high quality wood, durable finishes, and other materials to create a new and great looking piece of furniture. Or you can choose to have it refinished by a painting company. There are benefits to both options. In this article, we will discuss kitchen cabinet refinished and painting.

A homeowner that wants to have a kitchen cabinet refinished might decide to install new kitchen cabinets instead of just having the existing ones refinished. Another common option these days is to choose an island cabinet in a lighter shade of color. White or light colored kitchen cabinets with an island provide a more sophisticated look to any kitchen. Those who want a darker shade can choose to have the rest of the cabinets painted a darker color. However, if you are going to have the rest of the cabinets done in a contrasting color, make sure the rest of the room matches the color scheme. If not, the refinished cabinets will not fit into the rest of the room and you’ll have a mismatch.

One of the benefits of having new cabinets installed is they will look better than the old ones because they will be made out of a higher quality material. Some homeowners prefer to have a contractor install new cabinets because they can custom design them to meet the design specifications they have for their kitchen. However, for those who want to do the installing themselves, they have a couple of other options. They can choose to purchase an unfinished wood veneer and cut it to size themselves. They may also choose to buy a prefinished wood veneer kit that comes with instructions on how to install it.

Before doing any kitchen cabinet refinishing, it is important to cover the surface with a sealant. There are many types of sealants available, but one that has proven to be very effective is a high-gloss paint. These types of paints resist dirt, oil, and stains so they won’t scratch the surface. You should only buy a paint with high-gloss coverage if you plan to paint the cabinets yourself. If you hire a cabinet refinishing in Louisville someone else to do the refinishing, choose a paint that is semi-transparent so it will still absorb color from the cabinets.

Once you’ve covered the surface with a sealant, you can start kitchen cabinet refinishing by sanding off the old finish. The amount you need to sand down will depend on the cabinet design and the amount of time it took to build the cabinets. It’s important to remember that the older the cabinetry, the more time it must dry before it can be painted. The cabinets will also need to be leveled and any flaws in the wood repaired prior to painting.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is a lot less expensive than buying new ones. A good paint job will keep your cabinets looking brand new for years to come. The best part about refacing cabinets is the low cost. You can find just-as-new wood cabinets for well under $200. In some cases, there are no costs for materials at all. If you are planning to paint your cabinets yourself, remember to pick out the right paint and get all the details right before beginning your job.